Timothy M Marshall

The Magic of Lothloria: Second Edition

A young man gifted in ways that few understand is launched into an adventure with his dear friend and neighbor Lucky. Bad goes too worse quickly as they venture forth, landing in an adventure that will alter their lives forever.


The Moving Words Review:

Where can curiosity take an adventurous man? For a gifted explorer like James Parrish, it takes him to a different world. Tim Marshall’s The Magic of Lothloria introduces the adventure of Lucky and James in the magical world inhabited by elves. The nurturing of power and abolishment of fear starts with James searching for the cause of the coldness in his fireplace. The books lead him to dimensional doorways where together with his companion Lucky, they fight against the darkness in Lothloria.

The prophecy regarding the heir of Thaddeus Parrish coming to Lothloria provides hope for the elves when James introduces himself as his great-grandson. He meets Debright, a beautiful maiden elf who helps him conquer and control his powers. Eventually, as prophesied, James slowly breaks the curse in Lothloria by guiding the warriors to fight against their demons and believe in their roles as elves who will encourage others to see light over darkness. Love helps the characters to unveil their capacities in helping others believe in themselves.

Defining darkness as the absence of love and the fullness of fear makes the fictional story realistic as it directs the readers on a rollercoaster ride of discoveries, hopes, and bravery.

More than just a magical compilation of wars and discoveries, author Marshall’s effective writing makes the book more engaging and thrilling. The perfect choice of words in describing the unsaid thoughts and creatures within Lothloria makes it easier for readers to visualize a new world while on the journey of witnessing the merging of love and trust in beating the darkness, fears, and hatred. Explanations of terms that are exclusive in Lothloria are brilliantly written. From the conversational tones to the incorporation of simple and plain language and the usage of historical terms, the book is consistent with the story of journeying two distinct worlds revolving around different times.

Magic and power are related to each other. Without good intentions, using power will only result in destruction. But, to help others and oneself, power can bring the magic that protects people. For anyone who is hoping to travel to a different world with hopes to bring empowering lessons, this book is a great pick.

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