Emotional Trial

This week has been a trial on my emotions. I seem to be in a mode of self-sacrifice and it is I that is the cause of it. I am in constant search for fulfilment and I berate myself for each little misstep, even though a lesson is within each.

The world is empty and meaningless, and I am fully aware that I have created all of it within me.

I came close to exploding in self-disgust when something I created was undone by a mishap of my own causing. I was bringing it to an event and the problem undid almost everything.

“You are perfect as you are.” My guide told me.

“I feel like a total screwup.” I responded mentally.

“All of life is a learning experience. You have the capacity to learn much and you are gifted with the desire to do so. Go quietly within and delve what is truly happening with clearer eyes and you will find something special within.” My guide responded.

It was all in my head and I reached my destination and meditated on it. Jeni and I laughed over it later that day.

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