Empty and Meaningless

Life is empty and meaningless, what does this actually mean?

It means you can create anything you can imagine with this thing called life. So, the question is what is life truly about? The truth I have found is that enlightenment is found in the concept of accepting the idea of nothingness. How does one do this? You may ask.

Once you fully embrace this you will come to find out why I call this world an illusion. Our true reality exists on the other side. What we create here is carried over there.

Have you ever reached perfect silence through meditation? This equates to nothingness. To fully get this you can open yourself to the essence that we are all one. In this reality we face fear and pain, trial and error, the idea of good and bad, but in truth it is what we have created for ourselves.

On the other side pain, fear, and dichotomy do not exist. We are more whole there then we ever were here.

I state often that we are all one. When wisdom is reached this understanding is front and center. It is through meditation we attempt to reach the essence of nothingness. Try meditating in the wild and you may find that you can become aware of all the activity around you. The sounds may become clearer and the view far richer. Within the nothingness you can realize more fully the world we live in. Many of the great ones in the past achieved this, including Budha, who sat in contemplation until he realized this truth.

This is perhaps the hardest task one might take on because we have built up such a complex story. We have agendas and responsibilities that lock us in this illusion.

Consider the fact that you are made of atoms. These atoms are in constant motion, yet we seem to be solid. The living world is made of energy. It is we who give it any meaning. More’s to come.

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