What is the purpose of Life?

This is perhaps the deepest question one may ponder. Take your life for example, what drives you? A million answers without one identical to any other. Each is a singular aspect of the whole.

The real key is the origin of your inception. Within your mother’s womb your were a single cell, fertilized and solitary within an expansive dark space. At the moment of your inception a light brighter than lightening bursts within and around the cell.

The cell instantly begins multiplying and though tens of thousands of cells are formed within the hours that follow and none has any purpose. It isn’t until trillions of cells are formed that purpose begins to be assigned. Tens of thousands are dedicated to forming the heart, the hands, the face… and so on. What is even more amazing is the lifetime of each cell is only three days. With each departing cell another takes its place and purpose.

Life is about who you are, and each and every experience you encompass. You are a miracle to the world and irreplaceable as such.

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